Fulfillment solutions for the largest marketplaces: Amazon, Walmart, Ebay...

We prep and ship your products in less than 48 hours, so that you can focus on growing your business on the largest marketplaces.

Attention Wholesaler

The US MyBOX has all the requirements to help you that sells over 1.000 units/month! 

We are close to the largest suppliers on the East Coast of the United States!

We are based in Newark, in the state of New Jersey and close to hundreds of suppliers with the best products in the United States. We have all the infrastructure needed to receive, store, pack and ship your orders to different marketplaces.


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Service for foreigners

We are totally used to receiving Brazilian and foreign clients who live all around the world and sell in marketplaces in the United States. That’s why we offer fast and effective customer service in English and Portuguese.

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Zero Fee

The Prep Center you need to grow your business! Here’s a comparison of what other preps charge VERSUS what we charge you:

Other Preps

What they charge


What we charge

0 +
years attending clients from all over the world
0 +
active clients who ship products every week
0 +
goods shipped

Our Services


US MyBOX helps you become an increasingly competitive seller within marketplaces. Focus on growing your business and we’ll focus on preparing your sales!

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBM/Dropshipping


How our services work


Once we become partners, you will register in our system and receive a US address along with your suite number. With this address, you will be able to make your purchases and have them shipped to your suite in our warehouse.


When we receive your purchases, we will check, photograph and register in your suite within 24 business hours. You will be able to monitor your stock and carry out your shipping plan through our platform.


Upon your request, we will ship your purchases to Amazon (FBA/FBM), Ebay, Walmart, Brazil and more.

Why choose US MyBOX?

A trustworthy Prep Center

We are fast

We register your products in less than 24 hours and some FBM can be shipped even on the same day.

Great support

We answer your questions within 2 hours via WhatsApp or email. Have more agility to sell your products.

Great infrastructure

Our infrastructure is prepared to receive, store, prepare and ship large quantities of products!

What our Clients say about us

We have excellent feedbacks from partners and customers. More reliance for you to work and become an ever-growing seller!

Thiago Gonçalves
Thiago GonçalvesAmazon Seller
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I recommend the UsMyBox preparation center as it is the best value for money I have ever used in the US. The service is fantastic and immediate, in addition, they have an online system that facilitates the management of stock and control of shipping plans. They are open to negotiation of values ​​for large amounts and ease of payment both in Brazil and in the USA. That's why they are our exclusive partners in the US for this type of work and for receiving and storing our companies' goods in the US.
Luiz Guilherme
Luiz GuilhermeAmazon Seller
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I got to know USMYBOX through the indication of a person who was already a customer, and I really don't regret having started a partnership with them. I started selling on Amazon with little practice and knowledge, but with their help, excellent service and clarity of information, I have been able to walk better than I expected. The platform they use is also another positive point, I think it's very simple for us to navigate. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who needs it!
JulianaAmazon Seller
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USMYBOX has contributed to achieving a dream. I always had the desire to start a business that would allow me to earn extra income. In the country where I live, the chances are minimal, but in the US I learned that there are great possibilities. So, for me to make progress, I needed a serious and committed company to be my main support. At the beginning of 2021, I was introduced to the US My Box and everything I needed, when receiving, checking and sending my products, was resolved. With serious, committed and honest professionals, today I can say that without them, it would not be possible to grow my sales.
Andrey Rafael
Andrey RafaelAmazon Seller
Read More
I have been a customer of Us My Box for a long time and I have never been disappointed, I like the practicality and professionalism as a whole, the good thing is that they are always looking to evolve and improve their processes in search of practical solutions for the customer.


We know that beginners and top sellers alike have a series of questions to ask. Thinking about it, we selected the main questions we received and turned it into a FAQ. Further questions may be clarified when you get in touch with one of our specialists.

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About us

We are a Prep Center, that is, a center for preparing and sending goods.

You sell, we prepare your orders according to the rules of the platform you sell and we send them to the logistics warehouses of that company.

In addition, we offer complementary services such as the Redirection of goods from the USA to Brazil, We make your purchase and provide you with an American address and more…

Currently, our preparation and shipping center is located in the city of Newark, in the State of New Jersey, USA.

We are close to the best distributors on the east coast!

We have been in the American market for 3 years and have grown exponentially since our foundation.

We currently have around 50 customers shipping products every week. This generates a volume of thousands of goods prepared every month.

We are an American company with Brazilian owners!

About our services

Yes, we have theft and fire insurance.

We receive, check, photograph, prepare, pack and ship your products within 48 hours!

Yes, we accept returns. These products will be registered in your suite and will receive the same treatment as any other product.

The price of our services varies according to the volume of preparation of goods.

Click here to speak with a consultant and check the price of the service you want.

Currently, the services we serve the most are AMAZON FBA and AMAZON FBM. This enabled us to create broad expertise and speed in both of these services.

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